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American Samoa National Park

The Samoan islands are chain of volcanic islands in the South Pacific nestled between Fiji and Tahiti some 2600 miles southwest of Hawaii and 1800 miles northwest of New Zealand. Samoa is a tropical paradise of mountains, rain forests, deep harbours, and stunning white beaches.

American Samoa National Park comprises of 9000 acres of terrain, with approximately 1000 acres underwater including two coral reefs bursting with vibrant tropical marine life. The park is one of the newest National Parks authorized by the U.S. Congress in 1988 and officially established in 1993 when a 50 year lease was signed for parts of its territory protecting its natural recourses and its ancient culture.
Visitors must obtain permission to enter this relatively new and extremely unusual park. Park travellers can enjoy snorkelling off of Ofu Island, hiking on the Pago Pago trail, and swimming in the azure waters, it is also one of the top cliff diving spots on the planet.

After you visit the National Park, visits to the east and west ends of the island will reveal more incredible scenery and provide insights into the Samoan way of life.

More detailed information, maps and tour guiding companies are available from the Tradewinds Hotel tour desk.
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